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Solon Phillips, Esq.

Solon Phillips, Esq., is an award-winning author whose work has been included in books, legal treatises, and law review articles. He writes, speaks, and teaches extensively on socio-religious issues and all matters dealing with the law, family, theology, and what he calls the law of faith.

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The Adventures of Uncle Billy and Ross: Life Lessons Made Simple In The Adventures of Uncle Bill and Ross, Solon Phillips has conjured a magical world that speaks to young people and adults alike. Mind you, this is no swashbuckler.

Solon Phillips, Esquire
Attorney, Entrepreneur, Writer & Speaker

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The Adventures of Uncle Billy Ross

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Colored Water: Marriage, Involuntary Divorce, the Law, and God.

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The Truth About Real Estate Investments

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The Adventures of Uncle Billy Ross Book
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This book is very interesting. It breaks down divorce from a social and religious perspective. His arguments make sense, even if you don't want to agree with them. The book is filled with facts and biblical texts to support the arguments.

Colored Water
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A thought-provoking and sometimes-touching series of life lessons passed down from uncle to nephew.

Adventures of Uncle Billy Ross
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